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Idaho National Laboratory, The University of Texas at San Antonio to host national forum on critical infrastructure resilience

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Who We Are

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Teresa McKnight - CEO REDI

Teresa McKnight is the CEO of the Regional Economic Development for Eastern Idaho (REDI).  McKnight is an entrepreneurial driven executive with more than 25-years’ experience working with research parks, technology commercialization, business incubation, government relations, business and economic development.  She has a strong background building public-public and public-private partnerships, consulting on strategic economic development and philanthropy initiatives, and moving new ideas to market.  She is passionate about building long-lasting relationships between business, industry, university, government and community.

As CEO of REDI, Ms. McKnight works closely with community partners to promote economic development through expansion of existing business, attraction of new business, and promoting entrepreneurship and talent development in the region.

Prior to joining REDI, Ms. McKnight served as the Director of the State of Utah Incubation Enterprise and Technology Outreach Program.  She led the development of the first statewide incubation program in Utah and negotiated the first-of-its-kind Partnership Agreement between the State of Utah and the U.S. Air Force.

Prior to working for the State of Utah, Ms. McKnight led the development of several large Innovation Districts in three different states that resulted in development of more than 500 acres, recruiting over 100 high-tech companies, creating more than 3500 high-tech jobs, and raising over $250 million in public and private dollars. 

Ms. McKnight has received several honors and awards, including Excellence in Rural Economic Development Award from the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC and the Chamber of Commerce Achievement Award in Business.  She serves on the Idaho Innovation Center Board, is a member of the Energy Communities Alliance (ECA), the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), and the Idaho Economic Development Association (IEDA).

REDI was created in April of 2015 as a public-private partnership to help diversify and strengthen the economies of fourteen counties of Eastern Idaho by retaining and attracting business to the region.  REDI brings business, government and community leadership together to build the region’s economy through retention and expansion of existing industry, attraction of new employers, and diversification of the economic base while promoting talent development, attraction and retention.

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Melissa Rene- Administrative Assistant

With over fifteen years of office management and administration experience, Melissa Rene has been a key player in various corporations. Melissa is a graduate from Broadview University in Salt Lake City and loves to be part of the community where she lives. Melissa is dedicated to her work and enjoys participating in fundraisers for various local projects including an annual triathlon for Afrika Tikkun. Melissa is an Idaho native and is happy to be back living in Eastern Idaho and excited to be part of the REDI organization.


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