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"What's Up in Eastern Idaho!"

Annual Conference - Power of Place

“What’s Up in Eastern Idaho!” is the first-of-its-kind economic summit to be held in Eastern Idaho. The fourth annual summit will be held on Friday, October 20, 2023. 

“What’s Up in Eastern Idaho!” covers hot topics affecting Southeast and East Idaho’s economic, business, education, workforce, and entrepreneurial ecosystem. The summit features Regional, State, and National Leaders.

As a leading regional economic development organization, REDI remains focused on the future. Eastern Idaho is growing its position as one of the country’s hottest innovation hubs in the areas of advanced manufacturing, agriculture, banking & finance, energy, healthcare, information technology (cybersecurity), and outdoor products.

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2022 "Power of Place" Program


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2023 Annual Conference

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Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurship & Incubation Alliance

The Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurship & Incubation Alliance (EI2) was established to maximize entrepreneurship success and fuel economic growth and viability in Southeast and East Idaho. 

Through streamlined collaboration, services, shared facilities, and mentorship, EI2 provides education, leadership, and programs in support of growing Eastern Idaho’s entrepreneurship, incubation, and start-up activities.

EI2 is made up of experienced consultants, mentors, coaches, community builders, and investors working together to support and grow entrepreneurship in Eastern Idaho. Together, leadership educates, coaches, trains, and guides entrepreneurs down the right path.

EI2 holds quarterly events across Eastern Idaho to help entrepreneurs push ideas to market; provide a platform to share experiences, ideas, and best practices; network with other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges; and provide opportunities to build partnerships.

If you are interested in getting on REDI’s email list to receive notification on future EI2 Events, or if you are an entrepreneur and want to learn more about EI2, please email Teresa McKnight

Links and other information:

Idaho Procurement Technical Center:

Idaho Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Regional Training:

Idaho National Laboratory Tech Deployment Office

Regional Development Alliance: 

Research Business Development Center (RBDC)

Economic Development Roundtable

REDI’s CEO, along with city, county, and regional economic development professionals meet together to work on regional strategies, business development, special projects, funding and incentive programs, training, and outreach support to stimulate and grow Eastern Idaho’s regional economy.

The Economic Development Roundtable Group meets monthly. For more information, please contact Teresa McKnight, CEO of REDI.

Nuclear Consortium

The Nuclear Consortium consists of Eastern Idaho’s major nuclear employers working together with economic development leadership (REDI), state leadership, Community College and University leadership, and community leaders to develop strategies to find common ground and offer solutions to:

  • Workforce Development and Training

  • Educational Needs

  • Infrastructure - Housing and Transportation

  • Community Awareness and Engagement

  • Funding Opportunities

  • Supply Chain

  • Local and Regional Suppliers and Vendors

For more information, please contact Teresa McKnight, CEO of REDI.

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