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Eastern Idaho is uniquely positioned as the “carbon-free energy capital of the world.” The region has the distinction of being one of the few places in the world where you can find biomass, solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear energy. Eighty-two percent of the electricity generated in Idaho comes from carbon-free energy, second only to Vermont.

Wind powered energy sources sustain fifteen percent of the state's electricity. Idaho National Laboratory, along with NuScale’s first-in-kind small modular reactor, and the ability to coordinate with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies and five universities makes Eastern Idaho the perfect location for the development of innovative ideas and new technologies around carbon-free energy.

Eastern Idaho leads in developing cutting-edge technologies and new energy sources to reduce the load on the energy grid.

Eastern Idaho is proud to be home to companies and organizations that produce high tech products, processes, and delivery of carbon-free power, such as:


  • Idaho National Laboratory built and operated 52 original nuclear reactors and is the lead research facility for nuclear energy in the United States. INL employees over 4,000 people across the region.  The Lab has evolved into an international center for advanced energy and security research and development, testing and deployment.  More important, it serves as the foundational bedrock for a culture that understands and accepts engineering and innovation.  Experts developing, testing, and demonstrating new fuel and materials, reactor systems, plant monitoring and safety systems, and waste management.  INL has an advanced test reactor, which provide unmatched, national priority nuclear fuel and material testing capabilities for various partners and customers.
  • Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) is in the forefront of the nuclear frontier to construct a small modular reactor (SMR) plant. The site has been located in DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory site near Idaho Falls.  UAMPS, NuScale and Energy Northwest have entered into a Teaming Agreement to develop carbon-free small modular reactors (SMR’s).  SMR’s are the future of nuclear energy.
  • NuScale experts in the development of Small Modular Reactors (SMR’s) - the first-in-kind technology founded in Eastern Idaho. NuScale’s small modular reactor technology is an excellent replacement for coal-fired power plants reaching the end of their life cycles.  SMR’s provide clean, safe, reliable carbon-free flexible resource that complements intermittent renewable energy.  Coupled with renewable energy, NuScale’s small modular reactor technology will provide a decarbonized energy supply to meet future energy needs.
  • Inergy is an innovative clean-tech company offering a new technology approach to renewable power generation via solar. Inergy offers ultra-lightweight portable systems that can run your home during power outages.  Whether it’s a small system powerful enough to keep your kitchen appliances and medical equipment operational or the world’s first solar power USB quick charger.  Inergy is all about cutting-edge delivery of affordable solar power to the world.
  • BPWE is the operating partner of Goshen North wind. Situated on 11,000 acres in Bonneville County, just east of Idaho Falls, Goshen’s 83 wind turbines can generate up to 124.5 MW of electricity – enough to power approximately 33,000 average homes annually.
  • The Center for Advanced Energy Systems (CAES) is a research and education consortium between INL and 3 universities in the Midwest. It is a Public Research Center focused on innovation, fuels energy transitions and economic growth for the future.  The core capabilities of CAES include nuclear science and engineering, materials science and engineering, geological systems and applications, energy system design, analysis and testing, environmental and resource sustainability, energy policy, and fossil carbon conversion.  Home to the computer assisted virtual environment (CAVE), a sophisticated technology and equipment that together uses rear projection to display computer graphics on the walls and the floor.  CAES supports a wide variety of energy research on both technical and policy issues and is serving as a prime avenue of outreach to industrial partners.
  • The Research and Innovation in Science and Engineering (RISE) Complex is Idaho State University’s research facility dedicated to investigating uses and behaviors of nano-scale materials, semiconductors and bulk growth of crystals in areas of nuclear science, engineering materials science, energy and biotechnology.
  • The Accelerator Center is a research facility operated by Idaho State University. The Center has 3 laboratories: one on ISU’s campus, one on ISU’s Business and Research Park, and one at the Pocatello Regional Airport.  The research provides opportunities for scientists and engineers from the university, private sector, and national laboratories to utilize specialized nuclear facilities.  It serves as a primary investigating conduit for research and development in nuclear physics applications, material science, biology, homeland security and national security.  Active research areas at Accelerator include: Medical Isotope development and commercialization; photon activation analysis; pulsed power, novel beams and accelerator beam physics; non-destructive evaluation, assay and materials analysis; basic nuclear measurements and applications; nuclear physics research; and homeland security and nuclear non-proliferation/safeguards.
  • Idaho Falls Power has served the City of Idaho Falls for over a hundred years with clean, reliable, efficient, and low-cost power. Idaho Falls Power production is completely carbon free.  Idaho Power has made the commitment to be completely carbon free by 2045.
  • Idaho Power is a fully integrated electric utility that has been in business for more than 100 years and provides low cost, clean, hydropower to its customers.

Eastern Idaho is positioned along the I-15 Corridor.  It is home to corporations and institutions with engineering and scientific know-how on the cutting-edge of developing new and innovative energy technologies.

These are just a few companies that continue to change the Energy sector in Eastern Idaho. 

This is Eastern Idaho!

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