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Agriculture is an important and fast-growing industry in Eastern Idaho. It is one of the region’s most sustainable and important enterprises. Eastern Idaho is the Potato Capital of the world, producing the most potatoes in one area, along with Wheat, Alfalfa, and Malt Barely. In fact, Eastern Idaho was first in the state to produce and harvest Barley, and Eastern Idaho is recognized as the #1 producer for Spring Wheat and Alfalfa and #2 for Winter Wheat. Large food and beverage industries across the globe link back to crops raised in large numbers in Eastern Idaho. Eastern Idaho is also the most productive area for livestock and dairy farming. 

Eastern Idaho’s Agriculture companies continue to produce high-quality products through the use of new technologies and innovative processes. Eastern Idaho has some of the best fertile land – rich in nutrients – and perfect for growing various crops. Located along the Snake River, the river provides an abundance of water for drainage and runoff for irrigation.

Eastern Idaho is proud to be the pioneers, and home, to a growing cluster of Agriculture companies, such as:

  • Simplot – The J.R. Simplot Company is one of the largest privately held food and agribusiness companies in the nation. Simplot is an innovation pioneer in plant nutrition and food processing – researching new ways to feed animals and sustain the ecosystem while striving to feed a growing global population. Simplot specializes in farming, food, turf and horticulture, livestock products, beef and dairy feeding, plant sciences, animal sciences, feed ingredients and industrial products.

  • Idahoan Food Service has created a culture of environmental sustainability and quality of products. From field to fork, Idahoan Food Service guarantees fresh potato flavor and texture in every product. The result is superior fresh potatoes. Idahoan Food Service continues to invest in product improvements, new technology, quality testing, track-ability and traceability systems. They make over 50 products in 180 configurations to help deliver flavor of all kinds through their products while holding solid to the values from older generations of farmers through the quality of product and commitment to creating a culture of environmental sustainability.

  • Clark Seed Company launched “The Idaho Quinoa Project” campaign making Eastern Idaho the major production area for Quinoa in the United States. After years of research, and now the first Quinoa processing facility in the U.S., Clark Seed Company has selected and propagated three Quinoa seed varieties that flourish in Eastern Idaho. Through the use of new innovative processes and technology to make Quinoa edible, Clark Seed Companies varieties will provide health benefits and cater to people with gluten intolerances and Celiac’s Disease.

  • Great Western Malting is the oldest malting company in the western United States. Barley for Great Western Malting is sourced across Eastern Idaho. They supply brewers, distillers and food processors with the high-quality malts in the U.S., Canada, Asia and South America.

  • Basic American is a leader in research and development, innovation, quality and customer service of products that are cooked, dried and packaged utilizing technology and stringent quality specifications to lock in flavor and texture. Basic American specializes in four different potato products: Potato Pearls Mashed Potatoes, Golden Grill Hash Browns and Cuts, Classic Casserole Potato Casseroles and Brilliant Beginnings recipe-ready Potatoes.

  • Grand Teton Distillery uses the “artisan craft method” to distill a super-premium vodka from potatoes.

  • Idaho Steel builds and installs state-of-the-art processing equipment in food processing factories on global scale. They make heavy duty – solid manufactured equipment and are the premier supplier of potato processing equipment in the world.

  • Bayer/Monsanto brings together the very best crop protection and seed technology through the development of new products and innovative processes.

  • In-BEV/Busch Agricultural Resources Inc. produces and enhances the quality of raw materials for Anheuser-Busch to provide brew masters with the best available ingredients. In-BEV/Busch Agricultural Resource Inc. has been collaborating with Eastern Idaho Barley growers for over fifty years.

  • Thresher Artisan Wheat formed through the acquisition of General Mills Grain operations in Idaho, Thresher has strong partnerships with seed suppliers and producers helping to create an industry-leading focus on improvements to yields while being environmentally sustainable. They operate the largest collection of grain storage facilities in the Eastern Idaho region.

  • Larsen Farms is the biggest farm in Eastern Idaho. Larsen Farms is known for their potatoes and potato products, yet they also grow alfalfa hay, which is then sold to livestock farmers as feed.

  • Idaho Supreme Potatoes, Inc. is a supplier for many food service providers. They provide great potato-based products at a competitive cost.

  • Idaho Pacific Corporation provides state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to make the best dehydrated potato products and ensure all their products are manufactured from natures best potatoes. They manufacture dehydrated potato flakes, potato flour and potato granules, which are available in additive free and organic. Idaho Pacific Corporation serves the world with ingredients for the industrial food and baking industries and offers a full line of product

These are just a few companies that continue to strengthen the Agriculture sector in the region. 

This is Eastern Idaho! Power of Place!

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