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Information Technology

The development of new ideas and technologies are the heart of Eastern Idaho. Information Technology touches every aspect of our life from development of new software and hardware, data processing, internet applications, supercomputing, data centers and cybersecurity.

Eastern Idaho’s Information Technology sector has grown exponentially. Significant advances over time have resulted in a series of evolutionary steps and innovative breakthroughs. 

Eastern Idaho’s growth in IT applications and cybersecurity has positioned the region as a top leader. With five federal programs across our region, Eastern Idaho has become a hotspot for cybersecuriyy. For example the state of Idaho in partnership with the Idaho National Laboratory, has invested in the Cybercore Integration Center to enable partnerships across federal agencies, private industry, and university partners to secure control systems from cyber threats. The Cybercore Integration Center brings together technical expertise and collaborative partnerships to focus on scalable and sustainable control systems. Cyber security solutions that protect the U.S grid, critical infrastructure, and military systems.


Also, Eastern Idaho is home to INL’s powerful new supercomputer the – Sawtooth - named after one of Eastern Idaho's beautiful mountain ranges. This $19.2 million system ranked #37 in the 2019 Top 500 for fastest supercomputers in the world. The Sawtooth Supercomputer can compute complex mathematical calculations and perform advanced modeling and simulations to shorten the time to test, demonstrate, and assess performance of new nuclear technologies.

In addition, Eastern Idaho is home to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s new Data Center.  The $100 million data center, known as Grey Wolf, will optimize infrastructure, information and services. With the consolidation of data centers across the U.S., the FBI will operate three data centers across the U.S. – Pocatello, Idaho; Clarksburg, West Virginia and Sterling Virginia. The FBI has called Pocatello home since 1984. The new addition now totals over 140,000 square feet of space. Approximately 100,000 square feet make up the data center while the remaining 40,000 square feet will be used for new office space. The structure will allow data to be securely collected, stored, and analyzed. 

With four growing institutions of higher education, students receive real-time, real-world training and work experience in collaboration with the Idaho National Lab and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to bring first-class cybersecurity programs and degrees that contribute to the growth of cyber positions in Eastern Idaho. Programs include:


Cybercore Integration Center

The Cybercore Integration Center leads in the national effort to secure critical infrastructure control systems from cyber threats. At Cybercore there are multiple research and development initiatives seeking to enhance the security and resiliency of industrial control systems. To achieve this there are seasoned threat analysts working in concert with experienced power engineers, cyber researchers, and control systems experts to develop novel comprehensive solutions.  The strategic vision of the center is to “Secure global infrastructure from increasing cyber threats.” The Cybercore Integration Center also offers workshops to provide the energy sector owners and operators hands-on experience with an industrial control system during a simulated cyber-attack.

Cybercore-Integration-Center_R0.pdf (

Collaborative Computing Center (C3)

The Collaborative Computing Center (C3) is a pioneering computing center that provides an environment for collaboration and opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. To be successful, computing strategies must include more than just a supercomputer, they are useless without people. It is people’s creativity, commitment, and passion that make supercomputers useful tools. The Center will “advance the computation needs of the lab while providing academia and industry with unprecedented access to high-performance computing” (HPC).

C3 Factsheet Groundbreaking.pdf (

  • Idaho State University Cyber Physical Security Program – is the only university in the nation to offer a degree in securing computers that control power plants, oil and gas pipelines, and manufacturing facilities, just to name a few.
  • ECS Federal - Is a leading provider of solutions in science, engineering, and advanced technologies including cloud, cybersecurityartificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and enterprise transformation. ECS works with some of the world’s leading agencies in both the public and private sectors to create, innovate, and serve, highly skilled teams solve complex challenges and provide advanced technology, science, and engineering solutions.
  • University of Idaho Cybersecurity Training and Operations Center – works with industries to supply trained employees in cybersecurity.
  • LSI - Is a powerful business development and support company serving U.S. federal, state, local agencies, and their contractors.  LSI has been in business for 50 years providing business development strategies, program managers, proposal writers and subject matter experts.  LSI’s business was built on support for national defense and the economic well-being of local, regional and state communities.  LSI’s mission is to help clients solve their most complex business, economic and social challenges through building solutions that change the world.


  • University of Idaho Computer Science Program – provides courses in algorithms and data structures, programming languages, computer architecture, operating systems, files and database theory of computation, and a capstone design sequence.

With a low-cost of doing business and access to national recognized programs and facilities, Eastern Idaho is the right place for IT companies to expand or relocate. 

This is Eastern Idaho! Power of Place!

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