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Idaho Ranking

Overview of Idaho

83,569 SQ. MI.
$119 Billion
College Educated
Median Income

Idaho is as well known for its potatoes, trout and precious stones as it is for its unspoiled, rugged landscapes.

Snowy mountains, deep valleys, lakes and rivers cover the Gem State, which is twice the size of the six New England states combined. A Rocky Mountain state, Idaho is bordered by WashingtonOregonNevadaUtahMontanaWyoming and a small portion of Canada’s British Columbia.

Though Spaniards began exploring the Northwest in 1592, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were the first European-Americans to enter Idaho in 1805. During the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s, miners flocked to California and Idaho, where they found gold, copper and lead.

In the mid-19th century, Union and Confederate supporters fleeing the Civil War went west to Idaho, and Mormons flocked to the region to avoid persecution. Today more Mormons live in Idaho than in almost any other state.

President Abraham Lincoln signed the bill creating the Idaho Territory in 1863, which included much of the land that would become Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. In 1868, modern Idaho was carved from the territory, and in 1890 it became the 43rd state.

Idaho’s economy shifted away from mining toward agriculture after it achieved statehood. Some former mining towns began to host resorts, such as the Sun Valley ski resort, which opened in 1936.

Idaho Rankings

#3 out of 50 in 2023
Read our methodology to see how the scores and rankings were calculated.
Crime & Corrections #12
Economy #2
Education #18
Fiscal Stability #9
Health Care #18
Infrastructure #15
Natural Environment #29
Opportunity #14

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