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Bear Lake's Little Spring Water redefining bottled water

Shena Smith For The News-Examiner | Jul 7, 2024

Little Spring Water

Photo by Shena Smith

Bear Lake is known for its unique blue water.

But the lake isn’t the only water making a buzz in the region.

Little Spring Water of Garden City, Utah, is an up and coming bottled water company in the Bear Lake Valley that found a way to share the water from the owners' family spring.

The Petersens are the local family behind the company that is redefining bottled water.

The Little Spring, as the Petersens call it, has provided some of the purest water in the region since the early 1800s. So pure in fact when the Petersen family had it tested many professional labs were baffled by the results and thought the water had been treated and purified beforehand.

Very little has to be done to purify Little Spring water for human consumption.

In the early 2000s, the Petersens started to ask themselves if they really could bottle and sell their favorite drinking water.

With much research and hard work, a plant was built and they streamlined their own way of bottling water without sacrificing the purity of their spring's H2O.

Many steps were taken into consideration and patience was exercised in building the business as the Petersens wanted to obtain and create everything efficiently and correctly the first time.

The bottling room at their Garden City facility is as clean and pure as the water being bottled. The Petersens have gone above and beyond to ensure the purity of the water and extra steps and precautions were made in the building design to create this level of excellence.

Even their logo design is "clearly" intentional to highlight the purity of their water.

After sending out their first batch of bottled water to customers in the summer of 2021, the Petersens said word spread fast and it didn’t take long for locals to fall in love with Little Spring Water.

During the pandemic-caused shortages, many stores had a limited supply of bottled water.

But folks in the Bear Lake area were comfortably taken care of thanks to the Petersens and their spring.

The company is very local loyal and family oriented.

With many family members involved in the business, it's easy to see that everyone employed has the best interest in mind for the company and its customers.

Everything the company does is handled in-house, from making the plastic bottles for the spring water to designing the company's logo.

One service Little Spring Water offers is the ability to create custom labels for its bottled water for whatever event, celebration or cause its customers want to promote.

Some may say it’s just water but to everyone at Little Spring Water it’s much more than that.

It’s instilling the preservation of a much-needed resource and sharing it with current and future generations.

You can reach Little Spring Water at if you want the best and purest bottled water around.

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