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IDAHO WORKS: Gov. Little outlines priorities in 2024 State of the State and Budget Address

Idaho Office of the Governor

From the Desk of the Governor

January 12, 2024

IDAHO WORKS: Gov. Little outlines priorities in 2024 State of the State and Budget Address

Idaho Works

This week, I delivered my 2024 State of the State and Budget Address today, outlining my IDAHO WORKS plan to keep Idaho strong.

When we look back at what we’ve done over the past six years, I can’t believe it was ever possible. We made decisions that positioned our state to propel ahead in our economic performance. We strategically and thoughtfully deployed relief funds and balanced the needs of our growing state with returning more money back to the people of Idaho than ever before. What Idaho is doing is WORKING. There’s no need to change course, and we must raise the bar.

Among many highlights, the IDAHO WORKS plan proposes:

  • HISTORIC INVESTMENT IN SCHOOL FACILTIES, PROPERTY TAX RELIEF – Governor Little proposes the largest ever state investment in school facilities – $2 billion over 10 years – to ensure all districts have the resources necessary to address unmet capital construction needs and improve student achievement. The $2 billion is long-term property tax relief. The budget also includes up to $150 million in NEW property tax relief through the surplus eliminator, on top of the hundreds of millions in property tax relief already directed to Idahoans over the past year.
  • LAUNCH – The IDAHO WORKS plan includes $75 million to fund the extremely popular Idaho LAUNCH program to strengthen the state’s pipeline of skilled workers and create new opportunities for thousands of young Idahoans.
  • TRANSPORTATION –  IDAHO WORKS builds off past investments by adding $200 million to improve the last one-third of dilapidated bridges in the state and $50 million to bond for an additional $800 million for other badly needed transportation projects.
  • WATER –  IDAHO WORKS adds another $30 million to ensure a stable water supply and $6.5 million to continue the state’s response to invasive quagga mussels.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY – As the state marches on in its fight against fentanyl, IDAHO WORKS recommends a new Idaho State Police (ISP) mission to the border to strengthen the state’s ability to end human trafficking. 
  • HEALTHCARE – The IDAHO WORKS plan further implements the state’s 10-year plan to increase the number of available doctors in Idaho.
  • FISCAL CONSERVATISM – Governor Little’s IDAHO WORKS plan outlines the most fiscally conservative budget since the Great Recession, bolsters rainy day funds, leaves a surplus, and maintains a structurally balanced budget.

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