Frank’s first critical donation is now being shipped on a large barge from Oahu to Maui. After it is cooked by dozens of local chefs and volunteers at the University of Hawaii Maui College Culinary Arts facility, it will nourish the people of Maui through distribution in a network of food trucks, soup kitchens and American Red Cross/Salvation Army shelters.

Frank’s first donation is estimated to provide enough protein to feed thousands of people for an entire week.

And his second shipment of beef should be sufficient to feed the community for several weeks!

A Second Wave of Relief Is Coming

Melaleuca set up a hotline for Melaleuca customers to donate to Maui relief several days ago. At the time of this post on August 18, 2023, Melaleuca customers have donated $43,390 to this specific fund within the Melaleuca Foundation. Melaleuca, Inc. has pledged to double their total donations, bringing the total donations to $86,780.

There are no administrative charges, so 100 percent of all donations to this particular fund will go to helping the people of Maui.

As relief efforts continue across the island, Melaleuca will continue to do what it can to help the good people of Maui recover from this tragedy. Donations from the hotline will continue to increase, and more supplies will be distributed. In the meantime, Melaleuca will continue to do good where good is needed!