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The Idaho Equation

Shane Hunt

Dean of the College of Business

Idaho State University

When I speak to groups across the country and share that Idaho is the fastest growing state and the state with the best economy in the entire nation, people are often shocked. After I finish speaking, I almost always get asked by business leaders in the room, “How is Idaho doing that?” or “What is the Idaho Equation?” While I am not a math professor, I know that an equation is defined as a situation or problem in which several factors must be considered. The first step in solving any equation is to make the equation as simple as possible and after living here and serving as the dean of the College of Business at Idaho State University, I think the Idaho Equation is driven by four simple variables which I shared recently with the Idaho Technology Council.

Idaho is a beautiful state composed of endless mountains, rivers and giant green hillsides. If taking a step back from big city life and enjoying experiences with your family and friends is what you are seeking, then there is truly no better place than the Gem State. In two years in Idaho, we have gone on more hikes, been to more outdoor concerts, and enjoyed experiencing nature with our family more than the rest of our life combined. The quality of life here is unmatched and fits perfectly with the “experience economy” desired by so many young professionals today.

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