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SBIR Funding Opportunities Released

SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunities

Find more funding opportunities and specific topic areas at


National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • FY22 SBIR/STTR Phase I and Phase II opened on 1/11/2022. Project Pitches are always accepted.
  • Submission window close dates are 3/3/2022, 6/30/2022, and 10/26/2022.

Dept. of Defense (DoD) – All open topics

DoD Annual SBIR 22.4 / STTR 22.D

Army SBIR – Topics opened 1/27/2022 and close on 3/1/2022.

  • A224-001: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Additive Manufacturing (AM) Part Selection
  • A224-002: Armament System AI Data Logger & Architecture
  • A224-003: Self-Contained Personnel Safety Systems for People in and Around Autonomous Vehicles


  • HR0011SB20224-02: Resilient Chemical Manufacturing. Currently in pre-releaseallowing questions to topic authors. Opens on 3/8/2022 and closes on 4/7/2022.
  • HR0011SB20224-01: Sustainable Reef Starters - opened 2/15/2022, closes 3/17/2022.
  • HR0011SB20224-03: Passive Acoustic Subwavelength Resonator (PASR) - opened 2/15/2022, closes 3/17/2022.
  • HR0011ST2022D-01: Biologically Driven High-Resolution Assembly of Flexible Light-Emitting Display - opened 2/9/2022, closes 3/15/2022.

Space Development Agency – Opened 2/22/2022, closes 4/12/2022.

  • SDA224-001: Integrated Architecture Technology

Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)

More funding opportunities from across HHS.

Dept. of Energy (DOE) – ARPA-E

  • DE-FOA-0001954: Solicitation on Topics Informing New Program Areas SBIR/STTR – Supporting Entrepreneurial Energy Discoveries (SEED) – Full Application deadline 4/5/2022.
  • DE-FOA-0002708: Mining Innovations for Negative Emissions Resource Recovery SBIR/STTR (MINER SBIR/STTR) – Concept Paper deadline 4/15/2022.


Dept. of Commerce (DOC) - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FY2022 Program Solicitation.

Dept. of Defense (DoD) – Joint DoD SBIR 22.2 / STTR 22.B is tentatively scheduled to enter pre-release on 4/20/2022, open on 5/18/2022, and close on 6/15/2022.


Dept. of Transportation (DOT)

  • FY 2022 SBIR solicitation opened on 2/7/2022 and closes on 3/7/2022.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  • FY 2022 SBIR and STTR solicitations opened on 1/6/2022 and close on 3/9/2022.
  • Missed the “Dissecting the Solicitations” webinar? Visit the event page or resource library.

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