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IDAHO FALLS, ID -- (May 26, 2021) – Regional Economic Development for Eastern Idaho (REDI) today announced the formation of a new partnership to advance regional economic development in Southeast and East Idaho (Eastern Idaho).

“We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between REDI and LSI Business Development, Inc. (LSI).  This exciting new partnership provides key differentiators and unique strategies to seize new opportunities for Eastern Idaho.  This uniquely positions REDI, and Eastern Idaho, to access a large network of professionals, programs, and resources that a regional economic development organization would not otherwise have access to,” announced Scott Reese, Chair of REDI’s Executive Board of Directors.  Reese goes on to say, “LSI has over 80 U.S. locations, nine international locations, and 1,900 executives strategically placed across the globe.  Eastern Idaho now has a far reaching national and international economic and business development outreach at our fingertips.”

“REDI is excited to partner with LSI and have access to programs that will help resolve pressing regional needs.  As our region continues on a healthy growth curve, we understand more than ever before the need to stay ahead of issues that come from economic shifts.  This type of innovative collaborative approach is one that strategically positions REDI, and Eastern Idaho, to be a strong economic development competitor in a very competitive global economy,” REDI’s CEO Teresa McKnight said. 

McKnight goes on to say, “In order for Eastern Idaho to be competitive with surrounding states, it is important to understand that required resources to retain and attract businesses, in addition to attracting a strong workforce, are not confined within city lines.  Community growth and viability requires regional collaboration, regional resources, and regional solutions.  Each community working alongside REDI not only demonstrates their commitment to solving critical community and regional issues, but it shows their desire to expand community resources and opportunities to be more effective to attract business.  I look forward to working together with LSI to increase business successes and regional growth so Eastern Idaho emerges as a strong national competitor and our region is more united than ever before.” 

“LSI’s partnership with REDI is one of our top strategic priorities this year,” said LSI’s CEO, Sean Slatter. “We envision our partnership with REDI will become the epicenter of LSI’s business development, economic development, and social impact work in Idaho.”

Mr. Slatter continued by stating “LSI’s economic development analysts anticipate there will be over 120,000 new jobs created along the I-15 Technology Corridor during the next two decades. Many of these new jobs will emanate from Eastern Idaho. We believe REDI and LSI will be the catalyst to create the required supply chains, workforce, and funding to develop the potential of this incredible ecosystem.”


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REDI promotes regional business retention, expansion, and recruitment to target areas of Eastern Idaho’s economy where competitive advantages exists, prospects for future growth are the greatest, and return on investment is highest to capitalize on Eastern Idaho’s strong ecosystem.

REDI drives a regional framework and vision for Southeast and East Idaho based on data to propel growth, support regionalism, and strategically align requirements for a strong economy.   REDI brings together business, industry, city, county, academic, and community leaders to capitalize on Eastern Idaho’s assets through investment, accelerated job growth, diversification of Eastern Idaho’s economy, workforce development, and enhancement of research and entrepreneurial activities to be a strong competitor in the national and international marketplace in order to meet the needs of a global economy.


LSI provides business development, economic development, and social impact consulting for public, private, and nonprofit clients. LSI is privileged to work with hundreds of the world’s best organizations which is comprised of a portfolio of federal, state, municipal, non-profit, Fortune 500, medium and small business entities. LSI’s team of 1,900 executives captured over $300 billion of new business for its clients during 2020.

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