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Metro Areas in Idaho set to retain "status quo"

Metro areas in Idaho set to retain 'status quo;' Federal agency drops proposed changes to metro population requirements | Local News |

By JAKOB THORINGTON   Jul 16, 2021

Several areas in Idaho, including Idaho Falls and Pocatello, will likely retain their status as metropolitan areas after the 2020 Census results are released now that a federal agency has dropped its proposed changes for the threshold of metropolitan areas.

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget considered a proposal earlier in 2021 that would have raised the population threshold for an area to be designated as a metropolitan area from 50,000 residents to 100,000 residents.

On a Tuesday notice, the office said there was “insufficient justification” to raise the population threshold to 100,000 and more research was required before going forward with the changes.

The Broadway, a business complex in Idaho Falls, is seen under construction along West Broadway in this February 2021 file photograph.

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