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Ammon ranks No. 1 in study of healthiest housing markets in Idaho

Ammon ranks No. 1 in study of healthiest housing markets in Idaho
A recent study by SmartAsset has released the top 10 healthiest housing markets in Idaho.

Cities in Northern Idaho primarily ranked toward the top, though Ammon, a city in Eastern Idaho, is the number one healthiest housing market in Idaho, according to the study, with residents living in their houses an average of about 17 years. Eagle was the only Treasure Valley city to make the top-10 list.

“Idaho home values have increased in recent years, but the state is still affordable to most homebuyers,” according to the SmartAsset website. “Homeowners insurance is also a bargain in this state, as it boasts one of the lowest annual premiums in the nation.”

SmartAsset released a study that analyzed the number of years residents live in their homes, the number of homes with negative equity, the number of homes decreasing in value, the number of days homes spend on the market and income-based affordability in each location to produce the results, according to a press release.

SmartAsset recently ranked Kuna, Payette, Ammon, Burley and Rupert among the most affordable places to live, after looking at factors including property taxes, insurance and average mortgage payment.

Idaho currently has around 1.65 million residents, according to SmartAsset, with 82,643 square land miles and over 11.7 million acres of farms. More information about Idaho demographics relating to SmartAsset data is available at

SmartAsset is a financial technology company based in New York. The full study, including an interactive map and methodology, is available at

The table below lists the 10 healthiest housing markets in Idaho, according to SmartAsset.

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