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Resources Available to Businesses and Universities in Dealing with COVID-19 Pressures, as well as New Funding Opportunities from Federal Agencies

Resources Available to Business and Universities Dealing with COVID-19 Pressures

Resources to Businesses and Universities Dealing with COVID-19 Pressures,

as well as Funding Opportunities from Federal Agencies

Below please find resources available to businesses and universities dealing with COVID-19 pressures, as well as new funding opportunities from federal agencies for those seeking assistance. To obtain additional information on the lines highlighted and underlined in light blue font below – please place your cursor over the top of that area and press the control button while clicking your mouse simultaneous to open the link.  Small Business and Entrepreneurial Services Support

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) has guidance for businesses, and is offering low-interest Economic Injury Disaster Loans(EIDLs) for businesses and non-profits impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • The FDIC has provided guidance to banking institutions and consumers affected by COVID-19 and encouraged financial institutions to work constructively with borrowers and customers in affected communities.
  • The Depart of Labor has issued guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employer Paid Leave Requirements.
  • Facebook is offering $100 million in small business grants across 30 countries.
  • JPMC is including $8 million in philanthropic grants assist small businesses vulnerable to significant economic hardships in the U.S., China and Europe.
  • SBDC has a resource page listing help for small businesses and encourages them to contact their local SBDC for assistance as well.
  • The CDC provides interim guidance for businesses and employers to plan and respond to COVID-19.
  • The Angel Capital Associationis holding a webinar tomorrow on advising portfolio companies ($100 for non-members).
  • The S. Chamber of Commercehas put together a list of resources for businesses.
  • NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers are providing services to small- and medium-sized manufacturers such as connecting businesses that are pivoting their production in response to the coronavirus to new supply chains, connecting firms with state resources, advising companies on new operational issues, and providing workforce support.

 State responses

  • Multistate provides a reference to updates and information issued by state and key local agencies and policymakers that is updated daily.
  • The Tax Foundationprovides information on state legislatures’ schedules, adjustments and status of the state’s budget, and the state’s rainy day fund (RDF) balance as a percentage of the prior year’s general fund budget.

 Federal Resources

  • Information from the Treasury Departmentincludes updates to tax payment deadlines, coronavirus-related paid leave assistance, and other steps being taken to combat the disease.
  • S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development has implemented several measures to help residents and businesses in rural communities affected by COVID-19.
  • The COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortiumis bringing together federal, industry, and academic leaders who are volunteering free compute time and resources on their world-class machines for all researchers engaged in COVID-19 research activities.
  • The Department of Energy has identified scientific and technical information supporting coronavirus and viral-related research.
  • Department of Health and Human Services (including National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has announced that funds may be available for Administrative Supplements to meet increased costs that are within the scope of the approved award.
  • The CDC will make $560 million in emergency funding
  • The Office of Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authorityhas released updates to its broad agency announcement for the Development of Medical Products for Novel Coronavirus.
  • NIH has released a Notice of Special Interest regarding the Availability of Urgent Competitive Revisions for Research on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus to highlight the urgent need for research on the 2019 novel Coronavirus.
  • The NSF’s coronavirus resource page provides guidance to researchers in the NSF community regarding new application deadlines, information on administrative assistance and supplemental funding, and other funding opportunities dedicated to coronavirus.
  • The NSFis accepting proposals to conduct non-medical, non-clinical care research on different aspects of COVID-19.
  • The NSF released a Dear Colleague Letter inviting Rapid Response Research proposals and supplemental funding requests to existing awards that address COVID-19 challenges through data and/or software infrastructure development activities.


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