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PPP Forgiveness Calculator

PPP Forgiveness Calculator

Wait there’s more!  One of things the release did NOT have was the links to the calculation form and instructions for borrowers doing the EZ that accompany both the EZ forgiveness application and the regular PPP forgiveness application.

All of this information is on the SBA website in different places. However to try and put it in one package, below are links to those documents on the website. They are:

  • Loan Forgiveness Calculation Form
  • Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions for Borrowers
  • Loan Forgiveness Application for EZ
  • Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions for Borrowers using EZ

All these documents are on the SBA website, so they are public information. I would suggest (just a suggestion), that as you distribute this information to concerned and interested groups you include the entire package by giving the regular EZ applications with the respective calculator and instructions, it will give people the full picture and provide more complete information.

See links below:



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