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Update on New Stimulus Package

Update on New Stimulus Package

The news has had a flurry of information about the recent package Congress passed.  We are still waiting to see what action the President will take.

At this point, we know as much as is publicly available including:

  1. If you've already received PPP funds, new tax treatment of PPP expenses 
  2. New round of PPP whether or not you've received PPP before 
  3. PPP set asides for certain small businesses 
  4. Grants for cultural, arts, live events, and smaller cultural providers 
  5. Grants for EIDL advances and other changes to program 

We don't know how or when the application processes will start.

We are preparing a free, statewide webinar to educate our clients: "Covid-19 Capital Options for Small Businesses" on January 14th at 2 p.m. MT


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