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Manufacturers Survey: Response & Effects of COVID-19 on Idaho Manufacturing

IDAHO MANUFACTURING SURVEY Effects & Response Related to COVID-19

Please complete by April 27th

Manufacturing Community: While we are aware that most of you are tired of seeing surveys, it is one of the only tools that organization's like ours have to learn how to best help our members. We are confident that we are the ONLY group in the state that is focused on manufacturing alone, and we need to hear from you to know how we can support the industry during this time. Non-manufacturers: Please share with the manufacturers in your networks! Please set aside 5-10 minutes to complete the survey. We have done our best to make this as quick as possible, while still encompassing the breadth of issues related to this time. These answers will help provide information enabling us to plan offerings and information that are meaningful to YOU, the manufacturing community. This is for ALL manufacturers, whether deemed 'essential' or 'non-essential'. We want to know how all businesses have been affected. And we all know that it will be essential for ALL manufacturing to come back strong in order to help our state's and nation's economies in the coming months. We respect your time and your information. We continue our commitment to supporting manufacturing and assure you that we will not use any individual answers outside the SWIMA/IDAA confines. There are opportunities for comments within the survey, but if you have any other comments or feedback on how SWIMA/IDAA could be supporting your business or the industry, don't hesitate to reach out Sincerely, Sheri Johnson Executive Director SWIMA/IDAA Website Email Take the Survey Now  

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