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Walking around the world economy · USA · Support Idaho small and medium enterprises starting point of the world challenge Tokyo and Hachioji foundry companies struggle hard Mainichi NewspaperOctober 15, 2017 Tokyo morning edition President Takafumi Suzuki (left) of the casting company "Rong Foundry" aiming to develop the US market as a foothold from Idaho Province (left) and fellow small business owners = Idaho Falls Tokyo and Hachioji casting companies are struggling to enter the United States. President Takafumi Suzuki (43) of the "Rong Foundry" chose the base to overcome the shortage of manpower in Japan and the demand expected after the Tokyo Olympics, Western Idaho Province, which is known for production of potatoes. Although it seems to be irrelevant to the manufacturing industry at first glance, it supports the challenge of SMEs with the support of the local government aiming for diversification of industries. "I want to get results, the ultimate goal is to build a factory here and hire talent." In late August, Mr. Suzuki put this power into Little State deputy governor and Anson State Senator who faced each other at Boissey's Parliament House. Every state in the United States is enthusiastic about attracting overseas enterprises, but expectation is the contribution to the region such as economic revitalization and employment creation. However, there were experiences of studying abroad in Japan, the words that Anson was a leader in attracting companies were a bit different. "The success of Sakae is the success of Idaho and I would like you to talk about anything." When Suzuki complained that Mr. Suzuki was hard to obtain a working visa, Secretary of Commerce of Ronk promised cooperation quickly. A sense of crisis in the future Mr. Suzuki who was a salaried worker succeeded Toshio Father through 2001. The foundry industry seems to be a typical "3K workplace" and it is difficult to recruit young people, and there are cases in which it is impossible for "shortage of profit" due to lack of personnel. On the other hand, price competition is severe. "It will be tapering as it is, and I have to go out to the US or China." What developed using the latest equipment left by the father who died in 2008 is a "cold plate" which allows water to pass through the ultra-fine pipe built in the cast and quickly cools the surrounding equipment. It was adopted as a part of testing machine for memory (semiconductor storage device) in Korea's Samsung Electronics, and established an office in Silicon Valley in the state western California where "the next US market" gathers. When I got into sales, when I sent a message with Twitter to Mr. Eulon Mask CEO of the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) maker "Tesla", after several days, a bulk order mail for battery cooling was delivered . "Unlike Japan, I see it as a single company even small and medium," I felt it was a response, but I could not deal with problems of production capacity, I was keenly aware of the lack of preparation. Motivated by enthusiasm While leaving high cost Silicon Valley such as rent, looking for a base where you can settle down and work, I was moved by the enthusiasm of the people of Idaho State government met at US Selected Market for Export Advance sponsored by the US Department of Commerce . "It will be buried in Silicon Valley, but a personal relationship may be born here." In the office opened in March this year in the state eastern Idaho Falls, we will have young employees expecting the future and Korean staff who are proficient in English. We aim to develop a safe spent nuclear fuel cooling system in collaboration with IDL National Laboratory (INL) which conducts advanced research including local companies, universities and nuclear technology. Casper mayor of Idaho Falls said, "Idaho is close to the government, parliamentarians and the mayor as much as we can communicate at any time by the less population, sincere people, enthusiasm for vocational training, vast land, cheap energy There is also the advantage that it is. " Jean Rodgers, who is responsible for regional development, "Eastern Idaho Regional Economic Development" also emphasizes that "Here, small and medium enterprises can receive the same treatment as large enterprises and will be a good starting point for companies aiming to enter the US". Mr. Suzuki, as a pioneer of Idaho's advancement, will find answers to the challenges that will be followed by small and medium-sized enterprises and serve as a sales contact for fellow companies so that in the future "I would like to bring 10 to 20 companies from Japan" I believe. To do that, first of all, "I want to get results within 3 years." Local people are eagerly looking forward to Japanese small and medium enterprises with excellent technology gathered at Idaho and the days when they fly to the world. 【Kenji Shimizu in Idaho Province, western US】 After finishing the interview Even in the United States, corporate attraction battle is thriving, each state competes for huge tax preferential treatment. It is attractive to large enterprises with established businesses, but small businesses that make bases for the first time in fact have little meaning. It is because I will be able to pay taxes after turning my business into profit or I can not see it yet. It is certainly more beneficial for the local government to get in consultation with the local government, such as getting a visa or recruiting talent, and working with local companies and universities. Mr. Suzuki and the state of Idaho have only just begun. I want to pray for becoming "a successful story".

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