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REDI releases millennium study

Staff Writer
At the breakfast meeting hosted by the Regional Economic Development for Eastern Idaho (REDI) presented the millennial research study on Thursday. The study was designed to help businesses attract millennials who are people from ages 18-35. This study asked millennials what they were looking for when they sought a job and a location to raise their families. The study was conducted by the Research & Business Development Center in Rexburg. Focus groups and surveys were conducted in November and December 2016. Thirty-one millennials (17 males and 14 females) were in the focus group. Their average age was 27. Forty-three millennials (19 males and 23 females) participated in the survey; their average age was 23. About half were married. The majority of both groups (the focus group and the survey) had no children. Findings from the study included: Millennials are concerned (in this order) with the availability and opportunity to progress in their jobs; employment diversity; ability to personally grow in their jobs; education of their children and money. "They were very concerned about education opportunities for their children," Will Jensen, who conducted the study, said. Millennials value family relationships. Family, friends and acquaintances are key to networking and learning about job opportunities.
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