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Japanese Casting Company Comes To Idaho Falls

Thursday locals and company officials celebrated the Tokyo-based Sakae Casting coming to Idaho. They chose the Gem State after meeting with state and city officials in Washington D.C. last year.
 They'll have four employees in town - and East Idaho officials hope this will lead to other Japanese companies coming to the area.
The company's move to Idaho Falls is credited to fostering good relationships. "What happened is one of their associates is from our Sister City, and they contacted the Mayor in Tokaimura,” explains Kevin Fuhrman, with the Sister City Council. “That's how they got in contact with the Sister City here."
 "So there is really a lot of opportunity, this is just the beginning,” smiles Jan Rogers, the CEO of the Regional Economic Development of Eastern Idaho. “But you know, we don't see that opportunity if we don't have a start and today is that start."
The company plans to do research with both INL and the University of Idaho.

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