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Bingham Memorial, Kidney Institute break ground on dialysis center

By Cydney McFarland BLACKFOOT — Thursday was World Kidney Day, and to celebrate, Bingham Memorial Hospital and doctors from the Idaho Kidney Institute broke ground for a new dialysis center in Blackfoot. [caption id="attachment_964" align="alignright" width="300"]Longtime patient Jeanne Wride congratulates her doctor, Naeem Rahim, at the groundbreaking of the dialysis center in Blackfoot. Longtime patient Jeanne Wride congratulates her doctor, Naeem Rahim, at the groundbreaking of the dialysis center in Blackfoot.[/caption] “It’s no secret that there have been issues between the county and Bingham Memorial in the past, but when it comes to bettering health care, that is where we see eye to eye,” said Bingham County Commissioner Mark Bair. “The real winners today are the citizens of Bingham County and the surrounding counties.” The new center is a partnership between Bingham Memorial and the Idaho Kidney Institute. The Kidney Institute, founded by brothers Fahim and Naeem Rahim, has served eastern Idaho for more than 10 years. “With this new facility, we’re about to provide more care,” said Fahim Rahim. The Kidney Institute has doctors who specialize in all aspects of kidney health, including kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, dialysis treatment and kidney transplants. According to Fahim Rahim, the new treatment center will help better serve those with kidney transplants and offer patients access to home dialysis treatment, pediatric care and — with 8,000 square feet dedicated to dialysis treatment — there will be twice as much space for patients in need of treatment. This is huge for both new patients and long-time patients such as 76-year-old Jeanne Wride. Wride has been a patient of Naeem Rahim for seven years. She was in kidney failure when she began seeing Naeem Rahim, but three years later, at 72 years old, she was healthy enough to receive a kidney transplant. “The cut-off is usually 70,” said Wride. “But they found a match. They said it was such a perfect match — that it could’ve been my sister.” With her new kidney, Wride was able to better take care of her husband, who was on dialysis, but he unfortunately passed away. Wride did well, up until February when she became very ill had was admitted to the hospital. “There was one day that I really thought I was done, and I looked up and there was Dr. Rahim, and he said, ‘Jeanne, I got your back, and you’re going to be fine,’” said Wride. “You’re not supposed to love your doctor, but I love him. He’s saved my life three times now.” The new building is expected to be complete in fall of 2016. The consulting architect for the project is Ted Booth of Christopher Kidd and Associates. The project manager is David McDonald. “I’d just like to thank our partners at the Idaho Kidney Institute who have committed to the high standards that we have set for ourselves,” said Naeem Rahim. “A disease is a disease no matter where we live, and we’ll continue to fight it no matter where we are.”

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