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Northwest Cosmetic Labs receives $246K in training funds
Northwest Cosmetic Labs will use $246,000 in training funds from the Idaho Department of Labor to train workers for 96 new full-time permanent positions. The positions will pay an average of $18.26 an hour and include employer-assisted medical benefits, a Department of Labor news release said. The new lab techs, accountants, engineers and machine operators will bring the total of employees at the Idaho Falls-based business to 445 by Nov. 8, 2017. Wages will range from $47.38 to no less than $12 per hour. On-the-job training will include Lean processes and project management, the release said. Founded in 1995, Northwest Cosmetics Labs, located at 200 Technology Drive, is a formulator and manufacturer for professional skin care and cosmetic brands. Idaho’s Workforce Development Training Fund, established in 1996 by the Idaho Department of Labor, is used to reimburse businesses for the cost of training new workers or retraining existing workers with skills necessary for specific economic opportunities and industrial expansion initiatives, the release said. Eligible businesses must produce a product or service sold outside their region, and the jobs must pay at least $12 an hour and include employer-assisted health insurance. The fund is financed by a 3 percent set-aside of the unemployment insurance taxes paid by businesses each year. Learn more about the fund on the Department of Labor website.

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